Why pet healthcare?

The humanization of pets has placed a high priority on the health and well-being of dogs and cats, and pet ownership rates are on the rise. We know consumers want pet insurance and wellness options, and they want it from a brand they trust.

Our partners

Trusted brands are well-positioned to offer pet wellness and insurance to existing and potential customers.


of households have a pet


consider pets part of the family


of pet owners are interested in a wellness product


of pet owners are interested in pet insurance

What we do

Companion Protect helps insurers, retailers, benefits providers, and shelters provide pet parents with the options they’re looking for to keep their pets healthy. We create fully customizable pet insurance and wellness solutions to help you bridge the gap, with your trusted brand at the center of it all.

How we do it

Companion Protect has created a differentiated approach to pet health solutions. Using our multi-tenant, underwriter-agnostic PALS™ platform, we elevate the traditional third-party administrative services by also including product design, product execution, and product growth strategies.

Ready to transform your business with pet health solutions?